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Created by Roger Hamilton and inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy. Discover which of the 8 Profiles is yours, unlock your unique superpowers and follow your path of least resistance to happiness, wealth and success.

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    Just completed an absolutely fabulous program that Eileen has developed. Not only did each person bring valuable insight from their perspective, but also, having it done in an environment where all the profile perspectives could contribute to my problem, the depth of coaching was remarkable. By the end of the two weeks, we had a network of individuals who had become invested in the success of each other.

    This is one of the best communities I have connected with on GeniusU because of the very valuable connection that can be carried forward with a peer relationship rather than a structured mentor/mentee relationship. I think this program is brilliant and am looking forward to continuing to work with everyone on the team!!

    Susan Ritter CEO Wealthy Wise Woman

    Susan Ritter

    I wanted to share the incredible experience that I had with GeniusCircle8 – mastermind in 2020 as a Lord profile. GeniusCircle8 took me to a whole new level by applying Wealth Dynamics to my business challenges. It’s like having a personalized strategy guide, crafted just for me. No generic advice – it’s all about understanding my unique strengths and applying them to solve real issuesI I also gained a better understanding of my Lord profile on a deeper level. Instead of spreading myself thin, I started focusing on the aspects that align with my strategic mindset. It not only made my workload feel more manageable but also brought a sense of joy and purpose to what I was doing.

    If you’re a mentor with a business or even just big dreams, I highly recommend giving GeniusCircle8 a shot.  It’s been a transformative journey for me, and I believe it could be for you too.

    Eva Dalgety. E-Commerce Consultant and Mentor, #YourEcomGenie,

    Susan Ritter CEO Wealthy Wise Woman

    Eva Dalgety

    Having discovered that I am an ACCUMULATOR I have become more aware of how I can use this Talent and understanding what holds me back. I am more comfortable in my own skin and appreciate others so much more.

    The Mastermind was a great opportunity to work with others who are aligned with their Genius and can bring their perspective, expertise and experience to the table. I highly recommend Eileen as a facilitator. She is a Star in every respect. encouraging all to Shine their light and be the best version of themselves.

    Odilon Hunt CEO AVA AudiovisualOdilon Hunt CEO AVA Audiovisual

    Odilon Hunt



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