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Eileen’s Story

Courage to Shine

A retired medical Doctor who spent 20 years ‘putting people to sleep” – as an Anaesthesiologist. Now Eileen is ‘Waking People Up’ as a writer, speaker, coach and mentor.

Co-founder of Get Up and Go (inspirational) Publications Ltd and author of The Courage to Shine – Find Your Voice and Discover the Healing Power of Your Words,  Eileen (a former stammerer) now shares her ‘visionary voice’ as a source of wisdom, inspiration and empowerment, encouraging you to Shine Your Leading Light in the world.

As a Flow Consultant with Wealth Dynamics, and co-founder of the ELLVV8connect community, Eileen is engaged in elevating the performance of female entrepreneurs by encouraging them to embrace the natural energy and strengths of their Profile. Personal wellbeing and satisfaction is enhanced by understanding, trusting and valuing the contribution of each other’s profile to your business success.   

Sue’s Story

Re-Building our Future

Sue has been helping businesses to scale and grow for over 25 years as a qualified accountant and business advisor. When she discovered she was a Mechanic (rather than a Lord) she decided to focus on improving systems and processes in her own practice to increase the value and make it more attractive for the eventual buyer.

Founder of Moon Dynamics and Co-Founder of ELLVV8 Connect, Sue is an advocate of positive and meaningful change in life, business and society and encouraging more women to bring their voice to the table (bringing their own chair if necessary!)

Sue is Wealth Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultant and GeniusU Partner. Transformation starts with deep Self Awareness and knowing your Wealth Dynamics profile and unique path of least resistance is one of the best ways to start that personal journey, and then go even deeper.

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For dynamics female entrrepreneurs who are, or aspire to be, leading lights and visionary voices in the world. Step into the powerful of your profile, build your dream team and expand your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s my First Step?

Take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. Then apply to become a Member!

2. How do I become an ELLVV8 Member?

Join our free Leading Lights and Visionary Voices Facebook page to find out about the next enrollment and events. Or click the link above.

3. How do I join an ELLVV8 Mastermind?

Whilst membership is currently for women by women, the Masterminds are a B2B opportunity open to all . Book a call with Eileen or Sue to find out more.

4. What about ELLVV8 Retreats?

Each retreat is bespoke with its own theme and location. Book a call with Eileen or Sue to find out more and plan your next adventure.

ELLVV8 Connect is a collaboration between Eileen Forrestal, Founder of Courage to Shine and Sue Jackson, Founder of Moon Dynamics.


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